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During the last year, Jade-Emmanuelle has joined Aroussen Gros-Louis, Angélique Amyot and Johanne Lauzon to create the project Yonnonhwe', meaning I love you in Wendat language. Despite the heaviness of the pandemic, they felt the irrepressible desire to build a meaningful light-loving project.

The four creators were inspired by wise Natives who have always defended the idea of a more harmonious world. In using love as a universal basis, the artists from the dance, circus and music worlds gathered to highlight and create a reconnection to ancestral sources. During the summer of 2022, they began their creative process with the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ).

Futhermore, Jade-Emmanuelle worked once again with MysterAct's Productions and Dominic Lacasse Inc., as a dancer with luminous wings and performer on stilts. Also, she performed with her aerial hoop, silk and freestanding hoop acts, for several special events offered by the Circus Companies Dominic Lacasse Inc., Cirque Plus and for the Hotels JARO.

Last summer, she was an extra for two television series: À propos d'Antoine and La Confrérie of COMEDIAH! Télévision. Moreover, she performed as an aerial artist, in the teaser of a major show which will be revealed next year.

In addition, Jade-Emmanuelle danced in the theatrical and musical fresco of the songwriter Jacques Béland: La beauté sauvera le monde. Gathering more than 200 artists, this large-scale show was presented in high places fulfilled with wonder, history and spirituality.

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Aerial silk artist for various galas of Dominic Lacasse Inc.


Aerial chandelier artist for the events of Dominic Lacasse Inc.


Aerial artist for the creation of the show Smile of MRUA International


Aerial silk artist for the Plaza Hotel


Performer on stilts for the events of Dominic Lacasse Inc.


Aerial sway pole artist for Poliquin-Simms2 for the parades of Carnaval de Québec


Artist with luminous wings for the events of Dominic Lacasse Inc.


Dancer and performer on stilts for the events of the company MysterAct


Aerial hoop artist for the events of the company MysterAct

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