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Aerial hoop duo (Richard)

Real air symbiosis that combines beauty and sensuality of the body language from dance and circus, the tandem of Jade-Emmanuelle and Richard transcends the barriers of the imagination to offer us thrills and pleasures. Their passionate display of athleticism, coordination and flexibility gracefully chisel our senses in favor of our insatiable quest of emotions and timeless bliss of our souls.

Photos: Charles Fleury

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Aerial hoop

Spectators will daily note that, using imagination, flexibility and creativity, a dancer can gracefully generate a host of emotions around a hoop and thus crystallize the focus of emotions of any audience in search of seduction and fascination.

Photos: Benoît Bruhmuller, David Cannon, Samuel Grégoire, Serge Leblond et Marie-Josée Marcotte, Zoë Gagnon

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Aerial silk

The power of the soul and the fragility of the human being dance together in these magnificent magenta silks. The flying artist offers a fluid and effortless aerial performance where her graceful and elegant movements are inspired by elements of finesse and enchantment.

Photos: Samuel Grégoire, Dominic Lacasse

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Aerial ladder duo

This circus couple will show you how to artistically and unusually climb a unique ladder. This act will amaze any spectator in a quest for perpetual enchantment and sweet excitement.

Photos: Daniel Pelletier

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Female aerial hoop duo

At nightfall, when the sky puts on his starry jacket, two women appear inside an aerial hoop where force, flexibility and great complicity shine in the moonlight.

Photos: Samuel Grégoire

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Note that Jade-Emmanuelle also mastered a wide range of dance styles: contemporary, classical, contact-improvisation, latin, jazz and urban.

Photos: Benoît Bruhmuller, Patrick Matte, Daniel Pelletier and Llamaryon


Jade-Emmanuelle masters many aerial acts that can add a plus to any shows and offers animations. She brings a fun atmosphere to events with either acts or animations in disciplines like harness, aerial hoop, aerial silks, dance and stilts.

Photos: MysterAct et Cité Joie Rotary

Latest news


Aerial silk artist for various galas of Dominic Lacasse Inc.


Aerial chandelier artist for the events of Dominic Lacasse Inc.


Aerial artist for the creation of the show Smile of MRUA International


Aerial silk artist for the Plaza Hotel


Performer on stilts for the events of Dominic Lacasse Inc.


Aerial sway pole artist for Poliquin-Simms2 for the parades of Carnaval de Québec


Artist with luminous wings for the events of Dominic Lacasse Inc.


Dancer and performer on stilts for the events of the company MysterAct


Aerial hoop artist for the events of the company MysterAct

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