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At four years old, as soon as she wore her first dancing shoes, Jade-Emmanuelle Amyot was habited by an unalterable passion: the dance and the stage. Intuitively combining life with movement, she peacefully walked on the rudiments to the deepening of her art until she obtained, in 2007, a diploma in contemporary dance from L'École de danse de Québec. Since then, she has been continuing her training through workshops in contemporary, classical, hip hop, contact and latin dance in Canada and the United States. She has been performing as an independent artist, performer, teacher, repeater, judge, choreographer and artistic director.

Adept at novelty and adventure, she uses previous experiences to develop with enthusiasm new skills in another sphere: the circus. Focusing on the aerial art, she created a solo hoop with ballet pointes and a solo silk with graceful and distinguished lines. Moreover, in symbiosis with her dazzling partners, she presents aerial in duo on a hoop, a silk-loop, a ladder, a luster and a harness.

Known for her versatility and radiant personality, Jade-Emmanuelle is revolving in the professional world of dance and circus. She had the privilege to collaborate with famous choreographers and directors. She particularly was pleased and honored to perform for special events of Le Cirque du Soleil and Le Cirque Éloize. In addition to her world-wide performances, she deploys her talents in the circus field, festivals, galas, corporate events and in production of shows, video-clips, short films, multidisciplinary creations and entertainment gatherings.

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Circus artist, aerial hoop

During the last year, Jade-Emmanuelle performed as an aerial artist for several special events offered by Cirque Éloize, MysterAct Productions, the restaurant Savini, Hôtels Jaro and the circus company Dominic Lacasse Inc.

Moreover, for the opening ceremony of the Maison pour la danse de Québec, she participated as a dancer in various shows named Osez!. She had the privilege to collaborate with famous choreographers including Daniel Bélanger (Code Universel) and Harold Rhéaume (Le fils d’Adrien danse).

In addition, she performed once again in the fantastic show Dragao at the Cité de l’énergie in Shawinigan and for the Carnaval de Québec parades, produced by Matièrs Création-Production.

Since last spring, Jade-Emmanuelle has been hired by the company TUI Cruises as a circus artist. On board of the Mein Schiff 3 liner, she performs in ten different shows with various aerial acts, such as: rope, hoop, trapeze, silk-loop and straps-loop. Until the beginning of December, she will sail on the coasts seas of Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Aerial hoop, silk-loop, trapeze, rope and straps artist for 10 shows on board Mein Schiff 3 from Sea Chefs /TUI Cruises/ Five Entertainment (Europe-Africa-Asia)


Aerial hoop and silk artist at the Hôtel Québec (Quebec)


Artistic Director and aerial hoop artist for the contemporary dance event Symbiose (Quebec)


Aerial hoop and silk artist at the Hôtel Plaza (Quebec)


Contemporary dancer for the Carnaval de Québec of Matièrs Création-Production (Quebec)


Coach in aerial silk for a gala of Cirque Éloize (Montreal)


Aerial hoop artist for the restaurant Le Savini (Quebec)


Dancer with the luminous wings of Dominic Lacasse Inc. (Toronto)


Contemporary dancer for the shows Osez! for the opening of Maison pour la danse. Shows with various companies including Code Universel (Daniel Bélanger) and Le Fils d’Adrien danse (Harold Rhéaume)

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